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Sena: 2013
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In 1999 my life stated to change in quite a radical way. I was on my first stay in Assisi and during that stay for the first time I met Fr Maximilian Mizzi OFM Conv. at the dialogue centre in Assisi, the CEFID (Centro Francescano Internazionale per il Dialogo). The CEFID was founded by the Franciscan Order of Friars Minor Conventual in 1989 as a centre for the ecumenical and inter-religious activities which Fr Mizzi had already started in Assisi in 1960 and which have borne so much fruit. During the next two years I stayed in Assisi 3–4 times each year and every time I had conversations with Fr Mizzi at the CEFID. In this way I began to know more about his mission. The radical change of my life came on December 1st 2001 from which date I started to work at the CEFID as a volunteer for Fr Mizzi. In the summer of 2003 I left my homeland Denmark to move to Assisi, so that I could work full–time to support God’s mission of ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue performed by Fr Mizzi. Our co–operation lasted for a little more than six years. During these 6 years of close co–operation and friendship we had the great joy and privilege of meeting innumerable groups coming to Assisi from all corners of the world and from various Christian churches and almost all other world religions and cultures. I thus participated in numerous meetings and listened to all the lectures Fr Mizzi gave to these groups. With great joy and gratitude I experienced how the participants were deeply touched by his teaching in the footsteps of St Francis, and the compassionate love of Jesus, of which he was such a deep instrument. During the years I learnt that his simple and humble teaching from the heart seemed to be even more profound and touching than a highly intelligent and more complicated teaching. Over and over again I heard Fr Mizzi repeating the message of love, compassion and charity as the only thing that matters. He always encouraged people to be instruments of peace and love, insisting on God’s calling all of us to do something good for humanity and the world. I experienced how his message went directly to the hearts of all the seeking people, and how they all felt encouraged, comforted and on many occasions even transformed by it. Among various messages about the love of God which flows to everybody who opens their heart, Fr Mizzi often said: “God loves you. Not because you are good, but because He is.” As I found it important that more people were reached by the message of love, compassion and charity, in 2004 I suggested recording and writing down some of the conversations he and I had, and some of the lectures on different topics I asked him to give to various groups from Scandinavia which I was responsible for receiving in Assisi. The following 19 lectures and conversations are the outcome of these recordings and transcriptions by me with the help of a Danish friend of the mission. Fr Mizzi managed to revise a few of the lectures and the rest have been revised by me with final proofreading by an English friend of the mission. Only minor and the most important revisions and corrections have been made to the lectures, as I wanted them to be as close to the original lecture as at all possible. They are thus kept in the language spoken by Fr Mizzi. During the revision of the lectures I have strongly felt the presence and blessing of Fr Mizzi’s soul to help me in this work, and I have had the same deep experience of being embraced by the compassionate love of Jesus which I had when Fr Mizzi was still physically among us. Sometimes I was in tears and often I was smiling and laughing during the work. I felt as if both the embracing, compassionate and also joyous love of God was being built into the lectures during my work to help all readers to feel the blessing of Jesus which Fr Mizzi’s soul still seems to radiate with renewed depth and intensity now that he has been liberated from the tired, painful physical body. I hope that by reading the following pages you will feel enriched and encouraged to walk in the footsteps of Fr Maximilian Mizzi OFM Conv. by being an instrument of peace and love.
Peace and all good from Assisi
Bente Wolf, Franciscan lay sister of “Franciscan Sisters and Friars of the Atonement”


  • Childhood and Youth
  • Novice Master in Rivotorto and the Sacro Covnento in Assisi
  • The Mission of Assisi
  • Ecumenical and Inter-religious Dialogue
  • Dialogue with Japan and India
  • Dialogue with Islam
  • An Anecdote about Mother Teresa
  • Pilgrimages – Peace Marches in the “Spirit of Assisi”
  • Spiritual Guidance and Formation
  • The Passion of Christ
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Mysticism
  • Franciscan Spirituality
  • Franciscan Spirituality of Compassion and Love
  • The relationship of St Francis and St Clare
  • Mary, Mother of God
  • The Rosary
  • Prayer
  • Peace
  • Silence
  • The Poor Clares – Enclosed Nuns

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